Saturday, July 19, 2014

Snowpiercer- I was wrong about the movie

The movie has stayed with me- even though I thought it would not. Kind of haunting. I get dark images from it- it was a dark film. I seem to like those kinds. I think it is that I don't believe any other kind of vision.

I kind of have a dark vision of humanity's future. Although perhaps not quite as bad as this movie- or at least not in the near future. I think that we will eventually turn to geoengineering, and that we will eventually mess it up. We can't sustain it forever.

If this were a kinder universe, peak oil would have hit a little sooner. There wouldn't be quite so much extractable oil (and other fossil fuels) in the ground. As it is now- there is enough so that if we get it all out and burn it all up we will make the planet uninhabitable- at least for humans.

Stopping the use of fossil fuels- it is so ironic. We are going to have to stop using them eventually, because we will run out. They are a finite resource. So why not just stop using them a little bit sooner? We are just speeding up the process.

I think that all of the billionaires should take their money and buy up the rights to fossil fuel deposits so that no one can get at them. Of course eventually no one may respect that as things get tight- but it might work. Bill Gates- instead of saving Africa, save the world.

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