Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Confronting my mortality

I had my yearly mammography today, and my every 6 month ultrasound of my left breast. My left breast has cysts which seem to be benign, but they want to keep an eye on them. The radiologist said "Cysts are not cancer and do not become cancer, but some types of cancer look like cysts."

I really wasn't worried. In fact, during the mammography, as I was twisting my body with my arm held out to the side and holding my breath as I was instructed, it occurred to me that this was a little bit like yoga. Only topless and with x-rays.

But when the ultrasound tech told me that she had to talk to the radiologist- and then took a very long time to return with the radiologist- I started to worry. I really wasn't so much worried about dying- as having cancer and having to treat it. The surgery, the chemo, the radiation, etc. Even if I lived- I have enough trouble with just the bipolar. Would I want to go through all that?

This is why I used to NOT get mammograms. But my primary care doctor kept getting on my case about it, so finally I did last year.

The radiologist came in and it turns out she just wanted to look at a couple of sites that the tech couldn't get very well. Everything is okay. I just have to come back in 6 months again for another ultrasound.

I am very worried about false positive findings, getting screened this regularly. I can't help thinking they are going to find something, eventually. I hope I am wrong.

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