Sunday, October 13, 2013

If I'm going to watch a Walking Dead marathon, I'm going to need klonopin to sleep

I had never watched the walking dead. But there was this marathon of last season's episodes on today, all for the roll out of the new season premiere. I thought maybe it was a series that might interest me- I had a lot of busy work to do anyway. But it was too much- I need drugs if I am going to sleep tonight!

Maybe just seeing an hour a week would be okay. But several hours (while trying to clean, sort papers, etc), was too much. It was as depressing as reading "The Road," but with more gore and suspense, which has my stress level up too high. So now I am depressed and stressed.

I don't get the Zombie thing. I think that there are enough things to be afraid of that are real. We could have environmental,economic, and societal collapse without zombies. We could have killer viruses that don't turn people into Zombies. We could have a few more atomic disasters. I don't get Zombies, they don't make sense to me.

Won't the zombies die of starvation as all the humans and animals die off? Can they eat plants? Can they eat each other? Do they age and get infirm and die? These are questions I want the answers to.

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