Monday, October 28, 2013

Exercise is over-rated- Or at least, not without risks

Every now and then I have low back pain that is very bad. The last time I had it was after a very rigorous workout with a personal trainer. This time it was after a yoga class. To much forward bending- I think I have a herniated disk.

I felt it after one move during the yoga session, but it wasn't too extreme. It wasn't until a couple of hours later when I was putting groceries away, and I leaned down to pick something off the floor- then it really hit. I thought I couldn't get up. I was in agony.

I've been taking lots of naproxen, even though I really shouldn't with the lithium- but desperate times require desperate measures! I somehow got myself to bed last night, and kept my phone within an arm's reach, in case I couldn't get out of bed to go to work. But it was a little better in the morning. And I work with physical therapists who have been telling me what to do. I'm doing back extensions, and it really seems to be helping.

Work was hard, but I managed. I do outpatient, I am not transferring patients. If I was, I couldn't have done my job. I would have been in too much pain.

I'm going to do some more press-ups before bed. I never realized when I had this before what it was- disk herniation- and it has never gotten this much better this quickly. I never did back extension exercises before, like I am doing now.

What I don't know is how soon I can go back to yoga. I don't think I am going to that class again. It was a harder class than my normal one. I think too hard for me, or at least too hard for my back. I hate to admit defeat. And I also liked the time of the class- there is nothing else Sunday evening that I can take.

I didn't go to yoga today. Maybe by Friday.

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