Sunday, October 20, 2013

I hibernated this weekend

I stayed in all weekend, which wasn't a good thing. Yesterday I just wanted to stay home, and didn't feel like going on an 8 mile hike I had signed up for. Today I had plans to go out- but I had a really bad sinus headache that even naproxen couldn't get rid of, and I can't take decongestants with all my meds. So I stayed home. 

It felt good to stay home at first, and I even got two loads of laundry done and did some reading for my sci fi book club. But now, Sunday evening, when I really have nothing else to show for myself- I am feeling bad. 

Next week will be different. There is a new Sunday evening yoga class starting up at my studio, so I will start going to that. Right now the only Sunday evening yoga class is a hot yoga class- I think I would hate that, but with the lithium, I think I shouldn't do it anyway. It is nice to have an excuse not to do it!

I'm still logging my food. I will have one more glass of milk today to take my night time meds- which will put me over my calories slightly. It will just have to be okay. It is better than what I would have eaten if I wasn't counting.

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Just Me said...

Have you tried a nasal rinse bottle? It's sort of like a neti pot but easier to use. My doctor actually gave me mine b/c the no decongestant thing always turned into sinus infections. Mine is something like Dr. Neil's Sinus rinse bottle. You get little packets that you add to the water to make it hypotonic and then slowly squirt it up there. A lot of gick comes out and it feels really good. I did not think I could possibly use it but had no trouble and the effects are wonderful. I use it when my allergies are bad to clean allergens out of my nasal passages/sinuses as well.

Hope you feel better.