Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reminding me why I live out here

I went hiking today. And it made me appreciate living out where I live now- away from the city. There is a lot that I miss, but in the city I missed nature. Unfortunately, as soon as I moved out here I went in to a severe years long depression so didn't do much hiking at first. But now that is changing, and I am taking advantage of where I am.

It was also a good opportunity to try out my new hiking boots, that I bought enough years ago to not even remember buying them. I thought I still had the old ones. I guess not. But these feel like they might be a tiny bit tight on the left toes- I can't decide. I hate it when boots are too loose, I think that is what was wrong with the last pair.

I leave for my backpacking trip on Tuesday. I really don't want to buy new boots. I haven't decided. Maybe I can buy thinner socks.

Meanwhile the crack in my laptop screen has expanded, although the black patch has not. I am crossing my fingers. A new computer is not something I want to buy either. And I am telling myself I will wait until the iphone 6 comes out!

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