Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frustration, thanks to the US Congress

I am all packed. My pack weight is 27 pounds, without water. Not too bad. I am starting to get excited. Then I go on to a backpacking forum for some inspiration. And I read that the AT over many National Parks is closed. Why had I forgotten this? I thought that I heard someone say that primitive hiking on the AT was OK. I must have heard wrong. I wasn't sure if where I was going was federal or not- I looked it up. It is federal, and it is closed. And my plans are in trouble.

So I spent the afternoon trying to find a part of the Appalachian Trail where I can drive to, leave my car over night, and don't pass over federal lands. I think I finally did- but not before a certain amount of panicking, and almost tears. A part of me considered giving up, staying home. But, I was all packed. If I wasn't all packed, I might have stayed home.

So thank you US congress for almost ruining my vacation. I know that other people are having a lot of bigger problems with the shut down, but this is my experience with it.

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