Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maybe we are stronger than they know

I just read a blog post about how barbie dolls can make girls feel bad about their bodies.

I played with barbie dolls. I didn't want a barbie doll's body- they looked so strange to me. And barbie's feet were permanently deformed, so she could fit into high heeled shoes. This always bothered me. Her neck was too long. She was just a doll.

I also had a Ken doll- and he was so stiff that I couldn't move any of his limbs. I couldn't even rotate his neck. So I decided he was paralyzed. I had a paraplegic Ken.

Of course I didn't play with dolls like most girls. I would play with my barbie dolls and my brother's micronauts and we had space adventures.  And my paraplegic Ken had telepathic powers and could steer the space ship (which was a shoe box), with his mind.

No doll ever made me feel bad about my body. It took actual people to do that.

I no longer feel bad about my body. (I really think good sex cured me of that- but that is another story). I would like to lose weight for various reasons- if for no other reason than to put less weight on my knees when I backpack- but I don't hate my body.

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