Saturday, June 21, 2014


Tylenol brought my fever down and klonopin helped with my anxiety- but I am now so exhausted I feel like I can't even move. Not sleepy-tired, like from klonopin- but deep down body tired that I don't have the will to fight. I can't even get myself to do laundry- let alone errands and walking. And now I can't find my Provigil. I took my morning dose- just can't find the bottle for my afternoon dose.

I called my mom. It was a "I want my mother moment." Except that I always regret it when I do that- she never really gets it. She thinks that I have been exercising too hard, or maybe the weather has been too warm. No. That shouldn't cause lasting fever. Something is wrong. And then of course she had to tell me about how she was training for the 10K we are walking in a week and a half- not what I wanted to hear right now when I can't even get myself out the door.

Part of me wants it to be Monday- so that I can call my doctor. And another part of me doesn't want Monday to come, because I have so many things to do before then. I hope I feel better tomorrow than today because I don't think that much is getting done today.

Yesterday I had acupuncture after work. It's funny- I never really felt the needles very much- and they certainly never hurt- except for my right ear. But yesterday I really felt the needles going in, and some of them hurt. That is just another indication that my body is not right.

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