Friday, June 20, 2014

Mood swings, and fever again

I woke up feeling pretty good- physically and emotionally. But by 9am my mood had crashed into the deepest depression and I thought there was only one way out. But then I took klonopin- and I felt better again. But I needed to take it again in the afternoon, I am very anxious. And my fever is back. This time I made it home before I took aspirin and I am not making it up, 100.3 (and I think my thermometer is low). I also get low fevers.

But no other symptoms- other than mood swings- and I can't decide if that is a symptom or just my brain's reaction to fever. I don't think that this is serotonin syndrome- the timing is all wrong. And I'm really not taking the Chinese herbs anymore, and none of my meds or supplements has changed. Plus, from what I understand the fever from serotonin syndrome doesn't respond to aspirin or tylenol, and mine seems to.

I've been here before. Fever with no other symptoms. And the doctors could never find anything. One doctor thought I had neuroleptic malignant syndrome because I had recently had a med change.The next doctor said no. And blood work was always fine.

But still, I should call my doctor on Monday. I just am already into negative hours for PTO with my vacation- I hate to take off to go to an office visit. And I might have to go that day and miss patients. Or maybe it will be all better by Monday.

I feel lousy. Time too hit the tylenol. I have so much to do this weekend. I hope I don't feel sick all weekend.

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Unknown said...

I've seen someone with NMS and I think you'd know if it was that bad. He was scary sick and we actually were told to not touch him, not even for vitals or to emove the splint i had on him, just wait for the EMTs to sedate and whisk away to the nearest trauma center. It was really scary.

Any chance of lyme disease?

It does sound like a rheumatologist may be a good idea. And if they are like most specialists by the time they get you in you will have acrued your time back.

This certainly won't help you feel better. Have you been able to run some kind of interaction checker with the chinese herbs? I know that there are some that do foods that might work; I've used them with Emsam before.

Hope you get a break from all this soon