Sunday, June 22, 2014

I think my fever is gone

I haven't taken my temperature- but I don't have chills, don't feel feverish, and didn't take any tylenol today. Of course- my fever would go away before I can make it to the doctor. But I am also very glad that it is gone.

I'm doing laundry and dishes- finally doing something productive. And trying to decide if I am going in to work tonight or tomorrow at 5am to do notes. Of course tomorrow is looking better and better. I really have to walk today. I have been just lying around. The weather looks nice kind of nice, except it also looks like it might rain. I should find out.

I am trying just to chill out today- because I am also finding myself thinking about my life these days- but not coming to any conclusions, so I am just spinning my wheels. I wonder if I am living it all wrong- but I don't have the energy to drive to live it any other way.

Or the money. There is a part of me that wants to quit my job and hike the Appalachian Trail. Do something different, exciting. Anything but what I am doing now, because what I am doing now is not working.

What I am really wondering now is if living alone is not working. If I should do a house share- live with someone else. Then I think I wouldn't live so much like a depressed person. I'd get out more, not let things get so dirty and filthy, etc. Yeah- it sounds like a wonderful idea until my next depression- and then what will I do? When I really need to be alone? Plus- most of the people looking for a housemate are a lot younger than me.

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