Sunday, June 1, 2014

This is the weekend I needed

I don't know how I made it through the week. I have been so irritable, I feel like I have no reserves. Friday night I actually bought ice cream for dinner. I haven't done that in a long time.

Saturday I had my pottery class- which I am still finding very challenging- but it was something that isn't work, so that is a good thing. Then I drove to my dad's. I took a short walk, I read, I talked with my step-mom. And then I thought I couldn't sleep- but once I finally fell asleep I slept for 12 hours.

Today I went swimming at the pool in their development and read my kindle by the pool in the sun. It was great, my body feels great. Then I drove home- stopping at Costco to drop off my new Provigil script. And I bought a lot of stuff, of course, so I shouldn't run out of food again for a while.

I need paper towels- but I couldn't get myself to buy them there- I still haven't found a place for all the rolls of toilet paper that I bought on my last trip. This isn't a place for single people. But it occurred to me that I could use the toilet paper- which is the extra soft that I bought by accident- as paper towels. I have never seen toilet paper like that before. It is really substantial.

The only bad thing about this weekend is that I did not go in to work to do notes- so I am going in super early tomorrow morning. I am hoping I can fall asleep early- I know, not good sleep hygiene, but what can I do?

I bought a new melatonin supplement at Costco today- this one is 3 mg and also has theanine in it- maybe it will help me to sleep.

It is funny how I am so concerned about the number of meds I take- but I don't mind nearly as much all of the supplements that I take- and I take a lot. I guess I feel like they are under my control. And if I go somewhere just overnight, I don't even bring then, just my meds. I don't feel like I "need them" in the way I need the meds- I don't go into withdrawal if I miss a dose.

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