Friday, June 20, 2014

Listening to beautiful music

I just downloaded John Legend's "All of Me," after hearing it at work and talking about it with some patients- it was someone's child's wedding song. It is the most beautiful love song. I am listening to it now for the third time.

With the tylenol in me, I am feeling good. Fever is down. I can think about the future. I miss connectedness, especially with men. I need to start dating again.

There are times my body and mind feel good- and everything seems possible. And the next moment my body or my mind has let me down. It is too confusing.

Having a boyfriend certainly didn't solve all of my problems. And I discovered that I can be too depressed even for sex. But it did add to my life. There is a lot missing in my life right now. Music helps to fill the gaps in my heart, if not my life.

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