Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just in case I want to be a little bit OCD

Getting my lab results over the weekend but no doctor to talk to leaves the internet. And I am just wondering if it matters that I have no eosinophil's on the differential. That was the one out-of-the rang result. I had assumed it didn't matter, they were just "missed," as you only need 15 to be in range. But, inquiring minds want to know. And I don't have an answer.

But I did remember that Tegretol once gave me agranulocytosis. So I am looking up my meds. So far the only med that I see listed with agranulocytosis as a side effect is Effexor, and that is very rare.

Otherwise eosinopenia is associated with sepsis, alcoholism, severe stress, Cushing's Disease, and lupus.

I wonder what my doctor will tell me on Monday.

Meanwhile I made it through the weekend OK. I watched a lot of old episodes of "Falling Skies." I didn't take any klonopin during the day. I didn't get much done either, but I survived. Better than last weekend.

And I missed my brother. And I missed my niece. I have to find a time to go see them- now that I am no longer so far gone.

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