Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I think that if I were still a kid, I would be afraid to go to school

There has apparently been some kind of shooting at another school- although no details yet. Images of kids being marched out of their building with their hands up on TV in front of SWAT officers. When did school become a battle zone?

When my dad was a kid, there was a gun rack at the back of his school. Many students would hunt on their way home, so they would bring their guns to school. And no one shot each other.

I know, the chance of getting killed by one of these random shootings is still very low. But thanks to the media- we have a contagion effect. It is out there as a meme. People in distress latch on to it. It is something to do now. Guns aren't just for hunting.

I can't say that I have never had a violent thought. Sometimes when I am extremely depressed, I get furious at the non-depressed world that just goes on around me- and that expects me to function too. But I would never do it. Never. I don't know what differentiates those who would- who are a very small group- and those who wouldn't. Some of it is probably gender- it is usually guys who do these things. But most guys don't.

Meanwhile, I will have my first acupuncture treatment today. I went in to work this morning to do a couple of notes- but mostly took home some things that aren't needed until tomorrow. The other therapists do this, so I did. I napped. I am doing laundry and trying to clean the kitchen a little.

Unfortunately it looks like rain all week. I want to go to my dad's and swim. I felt good the day that I did that- swam and sat in the sun and read. I will try to get in a walk today instead, even just a short walk between rain showers.

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