Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today must be a better day- I bought shoes!

I am going to a fancy event in a couple of weeks- and I have decided that I don't need a new dress, I can make do with what I have, a skirt and top- but I really don't want to wear my black, closed toe shoes with the outfit (and they are really the only half-way fancy shoes that I have other than a nice pair of boots). So I went on online shoes and bought a pair of brown gladiator-type sandals that are flat, which I like- but have just enough bling to make them a little bit fancy. And they were $25 off. Not cheap sandals. But shoes are the one thing I do not skimp on (or bras- as I am "well-endowed"). If my shoes are not comfortable I am not happy.

I have had big and wide feet ever since I was a kid. When I was a kid, it was a lot harder to find wide widths than it is now. I wore a lot of boys' shoes. I remember wearing boys' clogs as dress shoes because I couldn't find any girl shoes that were wide enough to fit me. And then in my teenage years I would force my feet into shoes that were too small but were fashionable and I wanted them to fit. By the end of my early 20's, however, I had decided never again.

I remember retelling "Cinderella" with a slightly different ending. Her feet were so large, that no one else could fill the shoe. And really, I've never had any issues with my feet- never wanted them to be smaller or look different, etc. I like my feet.  I just want to be able to find shoes that fit!

So sometimes I have shoe envy. I will get a shoe catalogue in the mail- and I will see all of these shoes- and then see that none of them come in size 11 double wide- and just for a minute I am sad that I can't get that shoe. It doesn't happen often. I'm not that obsessed with shoes. I am really happiest in flip flops or sneakers anyway. At least half of the shoes I own are men's shoes. But sometimes I want shoes that look like they are made for a girl- so I got my new gladiator sandals. Even though gladiator sandals were originally worn by gladiators, who were guys...

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