Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm a little lower today

I don't have any commitments or appointments today- and I think that is why my mood is lower. Or the acupuncture is wearing off. And it is raining today, so no sunshine.

Last night I watched the movie "Her." Spoiler Alert. So the first movie I can ever remember going to see was 2001: A Space Odyssey. (I'm sure my parents took me to more age appropriate movies too, I just can't remember them). So after seeing HAL turn murderous, my view of computer AI's has always been a little warped.

And that is what I kept expecting to happen in this movie- I kept expecting the AI's to announce that they were taking over the world, to see the electrical grid go down, all the computer systems crash, etc. And it didn't happen- they just slipped away to become ghosts in the system. Perhaps if there were a sequel, the AI's would have some demands.

Today I am doing laundry and a little (very little) cleaning- just hoping I can do it a little at a time to make it manageable. I want to watch another movie. Unfortunately some of the movies I want to watch are not available through Comcast on-demand. I want to walk- but not in the rain. If I push myself maybe I can make it to yoga.

Tomorrow I have a couple of commitments out of the house. And I am going to a group in my area that looks really good.

No tears yesterday, no tears today (so far). That is a good thing.

I can say these positive things- and yet I know that the depression is still with me. It has not left, the volume is just turned down a little I guess.

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