Sunday, June 29, 2014

I got my lab results

Gone are the days when I have to wait for my doctor to call me. I got an email from Quest Diagnostics this morning telling me that my results were ready on the Quest app. It used to be that they would delay giving you your results for a few days- time for the doctor to call you first.

Anyway, everything was normal except for one specific white blood cell count which was low- I suspect this is insignificant. I do not have hemochromatosis- in fact, looking over my results and googling what they all mean- I might have an iron deficiency. I have some results that are just on the edge of low, some are on the edge of high (and in the exact opposite pattern of hemochromatosis). But in the expected direction for iron deficiency. Except that my hematocrit is so good, so who knows. Anyway, I might try eating a little more red meat once or twice a week.

She did not test me for rheumatoid again as I thought that she would. Only for ANA. And Lyme. But really, I did not think it was rheumatoid (or at least hoped it was not). I really thought that hemochromatosis and Lupus were the most likely.

So no answers. But no bad news either. I guess I just treat this like osteoarthritis. I need to make myself a thumb splint- my left thumb is getting bad. And not at the CMC joint- it is the MP joint, which is incredibly lax. I am not ready to see a hand surgeon- even though one CHT who specializes in thumb arthritis suggested that to me after looking at my thumb.

So all of this has been much ado about nothing. Except that I can cross one thing off of my list of things to worry about- hemochromatosis- and that is a good thing. And it means that my dad, who is a carrier- can't be blamed for this!

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