Friday, June 27, 2014

The best acupuncture session so far

I had been feeling better today, but still had some traces of depression and agitation. So when he asked me what needed to be worked on, I mentioned the agitation.

Usually he just puts 1 needle on the top of my head. But this time, because of the agitation, he put several. It was amazing- as I was lying there with the needles, I could feel energy flowing out of the top of my head. And I became so relaxed. I've never been able to be so relaxed and mindful while on the acupuncture table. I just tried to be present.

What is funny is that sometimes I do feel some tightness or slight tingling on the top of my head, where he put the needles. I guess it is a place where energy is blocked for me.

He also put some needles in for my carpal tunnel syndrome, which has been bad again this past week. I hope it helps- I hate to wear splints to bed in the summer.

I know it was a better day- I didn't even take any klonopin today, didn't even feel like I needed too. Perhaps because I took so much last night to sleep- which remains an issue. My main problem today was concentration.

Maybe my acupuncturist has some tricks for concentration.

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