Sunday, June 1, 2014

I finally filled my Synthroid Rx- maybe that is what I need

I am so exhausted this week and my mood is so rotten. The past couple of days I have felt so irritable at work. It doesn't help that work has become a very stressful place- even one of the per diems stated that she no longer likes coming here to work because there is too much tension. What we are is overworked and overwhelmed. As well as under increasing financial scrutiny- as in meeting budgets, etc. We have new management. Things have changed.

So I'm not handling it too well this week. It's not the patients- it is the rest of the job. I really love my patients where I work- that makes it all worth while. But sometimes I think I should go somewhere that has better office support and where I am not faxing out my own insurance requests, etc. I didn't have to do that at my other jobs. I just had to do my notes. And that is enough.

Insurance companies have gotten a lot worse- I have had to have to office staff call on just about every single authorization request- because we never got anything from them back. In two cases they said they didn't get anything from me- but I have the fax confirmation sheet. I think they are cutting staff and not getting back to us.

Mostly today I have irritable and tired. Unreasonably tired- wondering if it is the klonopin and increased Zyprexa. Or maybe I need synthroid. I got out at lunch, walked over to the hospital at lunch, and filled it. I took it in the afternoon. Tomorrow I will start taking it in the AM. I hope it will help with my energy and mood. But he has me on a really small dose, I don't know if it is going to do anything. I hope it does. I hope that it helps.

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