Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nothing much to say- and that's a good thing

I have had a very mellow day- which, given where my mood has been recently, is a very good thing. I didn't do that much productive other than a load of laundry and some dishes- I have to do better tomorrow. Last night, after my acupuncture session, I fell asleep pretty easily without a second dose of klonopin- I hope that is the same tonight. I didn't take any today either during the day.

I didn't get a call from my doctor on Friday, I had hoped that I would. I guess the lab results weren't all in- she said that the Lyme test might not be. I really want to know if anything showed up. I guess I will have to wait for a little bit longer.

I can't believe that I am going away on Wednesday. So much to do. And there is my mom's family to contend with. Well, at least the trip is not too long. I am flying home on Sunday.

I am walking a 10K on July 4th which I am really not prepared for- given how my mood has been. But I will try. I am trying to figure out what to do about ankle bracing. My bad right ankle always swells up and hurts and turns in by the time I am done- and the next day I can't walk on it. I have seriously thought of using my hiking boots- because that seems to help- but I think it would be too hot. I think for the event itself I am only going to use a Jimmy Copper compression sleeve- I have used it for shorter distances and it seemed to help. And I am bringing a more substantial brace to put on after the walk in case I have trouble walking. And I will bring my kinesiotape in case I have a lot of swelling.

The main determinant, I think, of how I do will be the weather. I did is last year- in the midst of a bad depression- I thought I wouldn't even do it- decided to do it at the last minute. But the weather was cool and rainy, and so I didn't get overheated. It really wasn't so bad.

I'm sure that this year it will be high nineties, as usual. The only thing that could save me is that I plan on walking with my mom, who is a very slow walker. And I just have to walk a mile six times (plus a smidge more). A mile is easy.

Walking a 10K is so un-sexy.  But I don't have the body to be a runner- there is too much of me. Walking is one of the kinder things I can do to my joints. There is a blog I read by a woman with depression who runs marathons, and I can't get over it. It is such an amazing accomplishment.

I have wondered about walking a marathon. Some people do. But it just takes too long! Maybe a half marathon. Someday.

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